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Re: Why CUPS?

On 08 Dec 2009, Girish Kulkarni wrote:
> After my problems with CUPS --- discussed in a previous thread
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2009/07/msg01157.html --- I
> decided to move to LPRng for print job spooling.
> The shift itself was easy; it didn't take more than an hour to remove
> CUPS, install LPRng and configure it to work.  But what is interesting
> is that LPRng proved better for a network printer than CUPS: its lpq
> command does what it is supposed to by showing me the printer queue
> status and not merely the local queue status.  lprm also works out of
> the box.
> While it possible that I wasn't using CUPS correctly (I tried!), I
> clearly can use LPRng with far less effort.  I wonder then why Debian
> prefers to bundle CUPS as its default print spooler?
> Girish.

I very much agree with this. I ditched CUPS two years ago or longer in
favour of LPRNG plus magicfilter. Much easier to set up and the results
are better. Unfortunately a lot of apps these days expect you to be
using CUPS as a matter of course. Herd mentality.


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