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After my problems with CUPS --- discussed in a previous thread
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2009/07/msg01157.html --- I
decided to move to LPRng for print job spooling.

The shift itself was easy; it didn't take more than an hour to remove
CUPS, install LPRng and configure it to work.  But what is interesting
is that LPRng proved better for a network printer than CUPS: its lpq
command does what it is supposed to by showing me the printer queue
status and not merely the local queue status.  lprm also works out of
the box.

While it possible that I wasn't using CUPS correctly (I tried!), I
clearly can use LPRng with far less effort.  I wonder then why Debian
prefers to bundle CUPS as its default print spooler?


Girish Kulkarni - Allahabad, India - http://athene.org.in/girish

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