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Re: Running fsck automatically on boot

On Sun, 6 Dec 2009 14:02:46 -0800 (PST)
Sergio Padrino <sergio.padrino@gmail.com> wrote:


> About my system's time... it's always fine :-\ But it's weird because, for
> example, if I boot my PC on 7 Dec 2009 at 16:31:55, the error I get is that
> the superblock has this date: 7 Dec 2009 17:31:27
> It's just an example, but the thing is that the superblock always contains a
> time that is 1 hour after the current time. It may be something related to
> update some packages?

Some kind of locale / DST issue?
> Anyway, the reason of me looking for a way to run it automatically is that
> other distributions (like ArchLinux) can do it, so I suppose that it's not
> impossible :P

They do what, exactly?  Automatically run fsck on a running system?
Run it at boot if errors are found?  Perhaps ask in the support forums
of such a distro, or check its documentation.

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