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Re: two questions about ssh tunneling

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009 14:13:11 -0800
Tyler MacDonald <tyler@macdonald.name> wrote:

> Tudod Ki <tudodki88@yahoo.com> wrote:


> > - Can anyone sniff the traffic of computer "B"? e.g.: B computer is at a
> > - server farm [others in the farm can see the traffic?] - I think yes, but
> > - I'm not sure :O
>   Yes, that's possible. However, in most colocated environments, you are on
> a switch, not a hub -- so in that case, the attacker would have to be
> sniffing directly from a router to see your traffic. If you want to know for
> sure, ask your ISP.

But IIUC, even where switches are used, MITM attacks to sniff traffic
are still possible for other hosts on the LAN, either through ARP
poisoning, or through port stealing if the switch isn't implementing
port security:


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