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Re: Missing packages (apt), sshd and external usb large 1Tb drive

On Thu,03.Dec.09, 16:01:43, debian@toursbymexico.com wrote:

> Now I know that not all of the DVDs are necessary. Respect the 
> 'expert' mode installation, when booted the DVD #1 it showed only 
> "Install" and "Graphic Install" (I have tried both of them), but at 
> any moment saw the expert or advanced installation, it just ran itself 
> without asking

When I boot a lenny image I see:

Graphical install
Advanced options         >

You need "Advanced options" where you can select expert install and also 
alternative desktop environments (like KDE).

> Kelly:
> I have already done the graphic login deactivation. Respect KDE I don't
> understand what you mean with meta-packages, is it that there are
> different versions of the same package? if so, how can I choose one of

A "meta-package" is an empty package used to install whole groups of 
packages. kde-core will pull the core of KDE ;)

Most (all?) your other issues below can be solved if you learn how to 
use the search capabilities of apt:

apt-cache search <string1> <string2)

will search for packages containing <string1> OR <string2> in package 
name or description. Use -n to restrict to package names. If you want to 
search for specific files you can use dpkg (for already installed 
packages) and apt-file.

aptitude (the recommended package manager) has even more complex search 
abilities, but is slower for such simple searches.

See http://wiki.debian.org/FAQsFromDebianUser#SoftwarePackages for some 
more tips.

> - My Debian box has ssh (openssh as I could see), but did not find a
> 'sshd' or similar... it has no server installed since am unable to connect
> to default port 22... do I require a separate package and which one? and
> how can I change the default port? Until now, I've always used the latest
> Tectia free SSH version (3.x, since 4.x it is commercial) and configured
> it by hand running "sshd -p #port"...
The package you need is openssh-server, its config file (quite readable) 
is /etc/ssh/sshd_config

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