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Re: Migrating to Grub2 deletes kernel automagic updates and other settings

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 02:03:44PM EST, Klistvud wrote:
> Dne, 03. 12. 2009 18:26:09 je Chris Jones napisal(a):

> > 
> > Is the os-prober package installed?
> Nope...

OK, so apt-get install os-prober + update-grub to rebuild grub.cfg.

> > The documentation tells you not to do that, but rather edit the
> > 'source' files in /etc/grub.d and run update-grub.

> Right. But to get to the 'source' files, you have to have a bootable 
> system ... which I didn't, and had to edit the Grub2 stanzas at boot, 
> on-the-fly, specifying the correct partition(s)...

Not sure how this could happen. Were you installing something on a new

What always bothers me with boot loaders is that they need a system to
configure & manage them. Now, in a multi-boot system, the next question
is which one? 

> > I don't like the idea of grub building its .cfg file from bits and
> > pieces of grub-legacy, or lilo stuff that may live on other
> > partitions.
> > 
> > So, I let it happen once to build grub.cfg and copied all the
> > stanzas from other systems to /etc/grub.d/40_custom, modified them
> > to my liking, deactivated os-prober by making the script in
> > /etc/grub.d/ '-x', and ran update-grub.

> Good point. In my case, the missing os-prober may have been the cause 
> of additional messiness in the final result. Must dig down into /etc/
> grub.d and study its bits and pieces. Grub2 is a promising piece of 
> software, and seems more powerful and manageable than Grub legacy.

Update-grub should issue an informational message such as 'os-prober not
installed, other systems will not be detected' because legacy grub users
are so used to auto detection that it makes them think that grub2 is
buggy - most folks feel tense when messing with their boot loader and
that's a good time to stop thinking rationally.


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