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Migrating to Grub2 deletes kernel automagic updates and other settings

Howdie, fellow Debianites!

I've just tried to install Grub2 to my spare Lenny installation. I am 
baffled (not to say disappointed) by the results:

1. -- kernel automagic configuration hasn't been copied over from the 
legacy menu.lst to the new grub.cfg
2. -- chainloader stanzas from the old menu.lst are likewise lost
3. -- the command upgrade-from-grub-legacy installs the new boot loader 
into the MBR, not letting you select a partition instead of the MBR 
(overwriting any custom MBR you may have). Admittedly, this is only a 
minor nuisance, but a nuisance still.
4. -- it didn't pick up the right partitions of my installed systems, 
so I had to manually edit grub.cfg, changing various "set root=(hd0,1)" 
into "set root=(hd0,2)" and the like. And this was on a pretty simple 
setup: only a single hard drive, with just four primary partitions
(Swap, Lenny, LennySpare, and Home).

Luckily, I did this on my "LennySpare" installation, which I use for 
testing stuff and such ...

My question is: will Lenny still be able to update its list of kernels 
automagically with all its "automagic" gone?

Less importantly: couldn't the Grub installer be made to at least copy 
your existing chainloading stanzas over to grub.cfg? Isn't that a 
totally trivial thing to do, even for such a "work in progress" as the 
Grub2 project currently is?


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