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Re: CUPS Printing problems

On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 12:47:35 +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:

> I have just tried to move my printer from an old lenny system to my
> desktop (running sid).
> I seem to have created a printer OK, but an attempt to print a test page
> fails.  The view error log function on the cups web page shows the
> following (I have tried to pickup key parts from a VERY LONG file -
> debug is on at the moment)


> Can anyone tell from this what is wrong - the log against the job just
> says "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftopdf failed"
> (I note in my older version of cups on lenny this filter didn't exist)

JFYI, your error log and symptoms are quite similar to the ones mentioned 
in this bug report:

Debian Bug report logs - #522722
(/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstopdf) stopped with status 1! (/usr/lib/cups/
filter/pstopdf) stopped with status 1!



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