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Re: migrate to new system disk

>David Goodenough wrote:
>> On Wednesday 02 December 2009, Alan Ianson wrote:
>>> 2.  I'm sticking with LILO.  I've never "manually" installed a boot
>>> loader, only during Debian clean/scratch installations using the Deb
>>> installer.  The last time I did that was with Woody, like 4 years ago.
>>> How do I manually install LILO to the boot sector of the new disk?  I'm
>>> sure it's simple, I just don't know the command.
>>> Thanks so much for your very helpful insight to this point Andrew.
>> I haven't used lilo in years.. but if I remember right I ran the command
>> "lilo" after making any changes to it's config and that would rewrite
>> it.
> If you (or anyone else) is using Grub, simply copying your  files across
> your files will not work due to the presence of UUIDs in the Grub2 config
> files.  I have been unable to find the proper procedure for updating those
> UUIDs.
> David

tune2fs -U [old_partition_UUID] /dev/[new_partition]

will change the UUID of the new partition to the one of the original
one. If the partitions are inside the same machine, it is necessary to
change the UUID of the old partition, so that UUID's remain unique...
fstab needs adjusting if UUID are in use there too.
This is how I do it when moving systems around, it works, not to say
there isn't a better way !

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