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Re: setting a preferred debian repository?

In <[🔎] 68b1e2610912020216p698bcb0x2f771de504dded8d@mail.gmail.com>, Liviu 
Andronic wrote:
>How can I instruct Synaptic to honour
>the priorities defined in /etc/apt/preferences?

I don't use synaptic.

It's documentation may point you to a different file with the same or similar 
syntax.  Even in that case, I suggest filing a bug against synaptic and 
waiting for it to be addressed.  The standard tools in the "apt" package use 
this file, as does aptitude -- I see no reason it can't be shared with 
synaptic as well.  It's even possible there may be a configuration option to 
have it use /etc/apt/preferences.
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