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He estado tratando de conectar un modem serie Multitech desde Debian Lenny a un Server Windows Server 2003 pero siempre me pone esto, me dice de el error 16 pero este no me dice nada claro cual puede ser el problema o sea es conectar una pc con debian a un servidor con window server 2003

CONNECT 115200
--> Carrier detected.  Waiting for prompt.
--> Don't know what to do!  Starting pppd and hoping for the best.
--> Starting pppd at Tue Dec  1 08:13:53 2009
--> Pid of pppd: 3109
--> Using interface ppp0
--> pppd: §e[08]0¥e[08]
--> pppd: §e[08]0¥e[08]
--> pppd: §e[08]0¥e[08]
--> pppd: §e[08]0¥e[08]
--> pppd: §e[08]0¥e[08]
--> Disconnecting at Tue Dec  1 08:13:55 2009
--> The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)
--> man pppd explains pppd error codes in more detail.
--> Try again and look into /var/log/messages and the wvdial and pppd man pages for more information.
--> Auto Reconnect will be attempted in 5 seconds
--> Initializing modem.

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