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Re: VirtualBox or VMware?

Mark Allums wrote:
> Windows users should stick with MS Virtual Server.  Everyone else should
> use VMWare or Xen or KVM or Virtualbox.

    Oh hell no.  VirtualPC hasn't been seriously updated in years, has been
plagued with performance problems from its inception and on machines which
support AMD-V/VT-x it likes to bluescreen the host OS if you try to do
anything remotely complex; like run more than one VM at a time or run VMs
under two different virtualizers.  IE, it is the typical Microsoft schlock
which should be avoided if at all possible.

    Granted, VirtualBox as of the 3.x series has had some serious network
problems as well as some odd issues with Windows guests on Windows hosts but
at least it doesn't blue screen the host OS and when fighting for the
AMD-V/VT-x extensions and encounters a problem, fails gracefully.

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