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Re: Debian can not boot from RAID-1

Hi Nick,

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 11:52 PM, Nick Douma <n.douma@nekoconeko.nl> wrote:
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If your server is anything like mine, your RAID card should abstract
the RAID array, and present it as a single disk. I have this on a Dell
server with 3 discs in RAID5.

Yes, that's right. But I can only see this when I go to RAID controller utility(there is PERC 6i installed) pressing CTRL+S on initial boot of the server.

Did you by any chance install GRUB into the partition header instead
of the MBR? That would explain not being able to boot into Debian.

Yes, I did installed GRUB during the installation process; installer never asked me where I want to install it so I just assume it installed it into the partition.
How can I change the location of GRUB now?

Thanks a lot,

Yuriy Kuznetsov wrote:
> Hi,
> In short: Dell Power Edge 2970; 6X3" HDDs: 2-RAID1, 4-RAID5
> Installed latest Debian on RAID1, which is VD-00. Installation went
>  through without any issue.
> After installation system can not boot. Checked BIOS and there are
> only 3 options to boot from: CD-ROM, NIC, Drive C(I'm not sure
> where drive C came from???). In the RAID configuration utility
> VD-00(2 HDD in RAID1)is set as boot device but it's still can not
> see the boot sector.
> Is it something wrong with the system or did I need to set some
> settings on software level?
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Kind regards, yuriy

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