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Re: Debian can not boot from RAID-1

On Thu, 26 Nov 2009, Johnathan Thibodeau wrote:

Hello Yuriy,

My experience has mostly been with software RAID, where in the case of RAID1 the kernel and initrd are just loaded off of one of the drives, basically ignoring the fact that it has a mirrored twin elsewhere...

But I'll try to be helpful :)

Yuriy Kuznetsov wrote:

In short:
Dell Power Edge 2970; 6X3" HDDs: 2-RAID1, 4-RAID5

Installed latest Debian on RAID1, which is VD-00. Installation went through without any issue.

After installation system can not boot. Checked BIOS and there are only 3 options to boot from: CD-ROM, NIC, Drive C(I'm not sure where drive C came from???).

My guess is that the label 'drive C' is just your BIOS trying to be Windows friendly, and offering a cutesy name instead of a more generic one such as 'hard drive'. Shouldn't be a cause for concern.

In the RAID configuration utility VD-00(2 HDD in RAID1)is set as boot device but it's still can not see the boot sector.

Is it something wrong with the system or did I need to set some settings on software level?

I think your BIOS is trying to boot directly from a hard drive, instead of using the RAID device presented to it by your RAID controller. In your BIOS, try searching for an option along the lines of 'hard drive order', 'hard drive priority', or maybe something more generic like 'device order'. Most BIOSes work along the principal of having two settings, one to select the type of device to boot from (which is the CD-ROM/NIC/Drive option you mentioned above), and a second option to select the order in which to try the devices of a particular kind.

Either way, the option to control which drive to boot from should not be very far away from the option you found to select the type of boot device. When you find it, you should see your hard drives listed along side your two RAID arrays. Simply select the proper RAID array.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hope this helps.


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You can also boot a Linux Live CD (or system rescue CD) or knoppix and fdisk -l - make sure you have a bootable partition and its the same one on each of the raid-1 disk members.


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