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Re: Iceape update in Squeeze has erased (?) bookmarks

AG wrote:
Today I accepted the update in Squeeze for Iceape. However, this appears to have erased my old/ previous bookmark and password files that I used in Iceape before the upgrade. I have searched through all of the relevant dot files and I can't see anything. Is this standard procedure for a browser upgrade to erase files like bookmarks, etc.? Firefox and Opera have never done this, so why would Iceape? Has Iceape renamed them, backed them up somewhere perhaps?

Thus far there is nothing shown through Google on this issue, so wondering if anyone else here has come across this and - more critically - found a way around it?

Thanks for any assistance before I tear the remainder of my hair out!


Sorry for the bad form of replying to my own post.

I have now located the bookmark.html file and cp'd that over to the seamonkey directory.

Now I need to recover the passwords - does anyone know what those might be called under Iceape?


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