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Scrunched display in VLC

I have installed VLC on my new installation of testing amd64. I
installed it from Synaptic. 

It runs fine, but the display is scrunched to the left one-quarter of
the screen.  Height is normal, though. Makes actors look really, really

It happens with every file type I have thrown at it, include commercial
DVDs, so it's not a problem with a certain kind of media. It also
continues scrunched up if I run it full screen.

Totem works normally. In fact, I prefer Totem; I use VLC usually only
when a movie has subtitles. I have a hard time getting Totem to display
subtitles, but VLC just does it automatically.

I have looked in all the settings and configurations and can't find
anything that appears wrong.

Most recently I used it on Jaunty, where it worked fine. I replaced the
~/.vlc folder with the one from Jaunty, but it changed nothing.

Google hasn't offered any help so far. I'm stumped. Anyone have any

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