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New Debian install problem


A mouse pointer is a good thing as it means X is probably working.

To get a login window you need a "display manager" of some sort.

Usually its "gdm", but could also be mwm, kdm, and several others (I

Make sure that gdm is installed, e.g.

ii  gdm            2.20.10-1      GNOME Display Manager

Your version may not necessarily match mine.  jDepending on your setup
you may be running one of the other display managers.


  dpkg --list | grep -i "manager" 

and see what shows up.

If there is a display manager installed, then there is some issue with
the start-up scripts.


>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Allegro <mikeallegro71@gmail.com> writes:

  Mike> I just installed Debian 5.0 and it seem to install just fine.
  Mike> After the installation I rebooted my computer and Debian Linux
  Mike> loaded up, when it goes into the graphics part I see a blue
  Mike> screen with a symbol that reminds me of the hour glass symbol
  Mike> from Microsoft Windows. After the symbol disappears it should
  Mike> go to the login screen but it does not.  It goes to a solid
  Mike> white screen where there is nothing but the mouse pointer.  I
  Mike> am not sure what is going on?  Do you have any ideas?  Could
  Mike> it be a problem with my graphics card?  I have the following
  Mike> in my computer;

  Mike> AMD 1.2 Ghz processor 512 Mb Ram Diamond graphics card with
  Mike> ATI 9250 chipset with 128 MB ram 80Gb hard drive CD Drive CD
  Mike> Burner

  Mike> Any help would be appreciated!!!

  Mike> Regards,

  Mike> Mike

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