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Re: Connecting a video camera

Alex Samad schreef:
When I plug it in, I see the following in the log files:

kernel: [89405.861315]: ieee1394: Node added: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]
kernel: [89405.861846]: ieee1394: Node changed: 0-00:1023 -> 0-01:1023
kernel: [89406.985364]: ieee1394: raw1394: /dev/raw1394 device initialized

But neither kino nor dvgrab seem to recognize that a camera is connected.

I'm new to firewire and to video cameras under linux, so I'm
stumped.  Anyone else out there have any ideas?

I used to do this as well, at some point of time there was a 13894
driver in the kernal that allowed you access to your video camera, at
some point 2.6.26 I think this module was removed - declared a security
problem - afaik there hasn't been an alternative method introduced....
No, that issue was corrected a long time ago. For me, with a current squeeze, it just works.

As suggested elsewhere in the list, permissions are the most likely cause of this behaviour. If this doesn't work, please send a lsmod output with the relevant 1394 and firewire greps. Then I can compare that with my output and try to find a difference.


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