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Re: Connecting a video camera

Alex Samad wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 09:52:01AM -0500, Michael Peek wrote:
>> Hi debian gurus,
>> I'm trying to figure out if I can download the video from a video
>> camera onto my linux box.  It's a Sony DCR-H52, tape-based, and
>> firewire only.
>> When I plug it in, I see the following in the log files:
>> kernel: [89405.861315]: ieee1394: Node added: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]
>> GUID[0800460103dcd08d]
>> kernel: [89405.861846]: ieee1394: Node changed: 0-00:1023 -> 0-01:1023
>> kernel: [89406.985364]: ieee1394: raw1394: /dev/raw1394 device initialized
>> But neither kino nor dvgrab seem to recognize that a camera is connected.
>> I'm new to firewire and to video cameras under linux, so I'm
>> stumped.  Anyone else out there have any ideas?
> I used to do this as well, at some point of time there was a 13894
> driver in the kernal that allowed you access to your video camera, at
> some point 2.6.26 I think this module was removed - declared a security
> problem - afaik there hasn't been an alternative method introduced....
> you can build your own kernal and compile it in and then dvgrab should
> work again!
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Michael


I think (somebody beats me with a stick if I'm wrong) the two firewire
stacks are currently built in the Debian kernel.

So you could try to unload the current firewire driver, and load the
alternate one, and see how it goes.

To see which modules are available in you kernel :

modprobe -l | grep firewire

To see what is loaded :

lsmod | grep firewire

So if one, or both are loaded, use "modprobe -r module" to unload, and
try to reload one at a time.

You can run

watch "tail /var/log/kern.log"

in a console while plugging the camera to see which driver is loaded

Of course some cameras are just not Linux friendly, and then you are
stranded... In such a case you would have to go with an alternate method
to capture the video stream (acquisition card through "s-video" port or

Have fun.

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