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Re: Playing audio over LAN -- software needed

On Monday, November 9, 2009 Peter Preyler wrote:
>> In other words, I have a Debian-based server, connected to amplifier and
>> speakers and I want to use that server to play my audio. So I'd need a server
>> software that would listen to data and output it to speakers and I'd also
>> need a client software that would act as a virtual sound card.

> I think pulseaudio is pretty much what you are searching for. I haven't 
> tried it on a non-linux machine myself, but the support for WinXP is 
> stated on their homepage.
> Install the PA server on your client (the machine that has the speakers) 
> and connect to it from your server, you can route a single program 
> through this even and keep other system sounds on your server.

Thanks, this seems to be a step in the right direction. I'll try setting up
the server on my Debian box. The only issue that seems problematic is the
windows part: I only found non-GUI version, and what I need is a virtual
soundcard driver with some GUI to facilitate switching sound destinations.

Any help on that? I know this is a Debian ML, but what I'm trying to achieve
involves Debian as the most important part. ;)

Best regards, KT

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