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Re: Lost my window manager

In <20091107124017.GW11145@wasteland.homelinux.net>, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>John Jason Jordan:
>> I do like Debian testing so far, in spite of the issues I am having.
>Oh, you are using testing? I must have missed that. You shouldn't do
>that as a desktop user with no intention to dig into internals and write
>bug reports.

You don't have to dig into internals, just be willing to help bug wranglers 
and patch builders reproduce the bug.  Testing/unstable user aren't expected 
to fix bugs on their own, just provide assistance to the maintainer(s) and 

Testing or unstable can be more suitable for some users that expect new 
upstream releases to propagate to their system quickly.  Unstable means 
changing constantly; not broken -- issues get fixed in unstable with much less 
turn-around than testing or stable.
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