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Re: what's your favourite FLOSS?

> audio editor: audicity
> audio player: amarok
> cd-ripper:
> desktop environment OR window manager: KDE 4
> development: Kate
> disc burner: K3B
> e-mail client: Thunderbird
> file manager: Dolphin
> finance:
> ftp client: Konqueror
> games:
> image creator/editor: gimp
> image viewer: digikam
> instant messenger: skype (not floss? so make something this good in floss!)
> mathematics:  maxima
> misc utilities: Zim (desktop wiki), Anki (flashcards)
> p2p: ktorrent
> package manager: apt-get
> pdf/ps-reader: okular
> spreadsheet:calc
> terminal emulator:konsole
> text editor:kate
> video player:vlc
> web browser:firefox
> word-processor:writer
> non-free: Solidworks CAD
> anything unreleased and highly anticipated: Anki, still at version 0.9.x
> anything dying/dead: KDE 3.5.10
> anything deserving great honours (EG. Linux, GCC): Zim desktop wiki and Anki. These two programs literally change the way I handle information.
> any organisation/community deserving great honours (EG. GNU, Debian): KDE. KDE 4 is not yet up to the level of refinement of KDE 3, but it is getting there quickly.
> any FLOSS developer deserving great honours (max 5 at most, unless you insist): Aaron Siego of KDE, Jaap of Zim, Damien of Anki. Although Anne Wilson is not a dev, she holds the KDE community together and deserves honours for that.

Dotan Cohen


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