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Re: Lost my window manager

On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 03:09:34PM EST, John Jason Jordan wrote:


> I was also not impressed by the fact that Shutdown is as broken in
> Karmic as it has been on all versions of Ubuntu since I first installed
> it on my T61 when it was brand new. It shuts down to a blinking cursor
> at the top loeft of a black screen, but the LEDs are still lit up. I
> have to use the power switch to turn it off. At least with Debian
> testing I could shut down the computer properly.

Off-topic but you could try adding acpi=force to the "linux" grub
command for ubuntu - you can find out if this addresses the issue w/o
reconfiguring grub: just edit the ubuntu entry on the grub menu before
you boot.


> Slowly I am making progress. At least now I have a way to get the
> window manager and Gnome panel back. 

Now that you have pretty much removed everything from gnome, maybe you
could contemplate removing gnome altogether ;-)

Seriously, if you like your desktops lean and mean, what's the point of
running gnome in the first place?


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