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Re: External HDD drive with ext4 mount only as root

But then I will have to do it every time I plug it, or not? Is there any other more automatic solution?


Ivan Marin

2009/11/6 Γιώργος Πάλλας <gpall@ccf.auth.gr>
Ivan Marin wrote:
Hello list,

I'm just salvaged a laptop HDD, put it on a USB case, and formatted with ext4. But when I plug it on, it mounts only with root permissions. USB Flash drives mounts correctly here. I'm not willing to put a line on fstab, as this HDD will be used on several different machines. How can I mount it as my user? I'm using kde4 on sid.

If you want to use it USB stick like, just mount it as root, and give
# chmod ugo+rw /media/mountpoint
(where mountpoint your mount point :-) )

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