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what's your favourite FLOSS?

Here we go.

audio editor: audacity, xcfa
audio player: amarok
cd-ripper: k3b, xcfa
DBMS: sqlite
desktop environment OR window manager: kde4 (despite, well, you know...)
disc burner: k3b
e-mail client: icedove/thunderbird
file manager: dolphin
ftp client: filezilla
games: wesnoth
games (kid): smc, supertuxkart
image creator/editor: digikam, gimp, hugin
image viewer: digikam
instant messenger:
misc utilities: sudo, sed, htop, ssh, rsync
p2p: ktorrent
package manager: aptitude
pdf/ps-reader: okular
spreadsheet: OooCalc
terminal emulator: yakuake
text editor: kate, vim
video player: vlc, smplayer
web browser: iceweasel/firefox
word-processor: Ooowriter
non-free: skype, VirtualBox (Sun version)

video editor: avidemux, openmovieeditor, blender (not strictly for
video, but works great)
education: gcompris, childsplay, skolelinux
connection manager: wicd (or goes in "misc")
backup: backintime, clonezilla (based on Debian) (they can go in "misc" too)

anything unreleased and highly anticipated: lumiera http://lumiera.org/,

anything dying/dead:

anything deserving great honours (EG. Linux, GCC): Linux kernel, Debian

any organisation/community deserving great honours (EG. GNU, Debian):
FSF, Linux Foundation, Skolelinux, Canonical, all those who push forward
FOSS and Linux

any FLOSS developer deserving great honours (max 5 at most, unless you
insist): Christian Marillat, Theodore T'so, every single Debian
developer, Francis Muguet who died recently
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Muguet (not a developer, but he
sure did a lot for FOSS).

anything Linux related deserving booos: mono, [silver|moon]light, flash

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