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Re: configure xorg

abdelkader belahcene:
> my debian 

What version?

> doesn't detect  the video card  but ubuntu live ( and other live
> like linuxMint Mepis..) , I want to copy the file xorg.conf from  ubuntu
> live to the installed debian,   problem ther is no xorg.conf or it is empty,
> it seems that new version of xorg  detects video card on fly, and doesn't
> need to store it in file???!!!

That's true. But I think that doesn't work yet in stable.

> So where can I find the correct xorg to copy it to my debian.

If you told us what video card you have (lspci output helps), someone
might help you to write the relevant part of the configuration file. You
most probably cannot find an X.org config you use completely.

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