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Re: compiled C function for postgresql fails (64-bit only)

--- On Tue, 3/11/09, Frank Miles <fpm@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> I have a function that I've used
> since early postgres-7.x days.  Now migrating to a
> 64-bit
> (i7) machine - running 2.6.30/'squeeze' with
> postgresql-8.4.1-1.  This function is a simple
> one that takes a string representation of a number as its
> sole argument (engineering
> notation), and returns the number.  The floating point
> value that it returns is the same
> value {6.94822224692498e-310} with every call, even when
> the string changes.
>     The same function works perfectly on a
> separate 2.6.30/'squeeze' system, PG-8.4.1-1,
> that is a 32-bit system - just like it has on previous
> postgres versions.
>     If I enable a diagnostic mid-functon
> dump-to-a-file, I can see that the function
> is receiving its input and computing the output properly -
> it's "just" a matter of
> getting the output translated into sql-land.  This is
> with the "Version 0" calling
> conventions, with a return type of float8* . 
> Attempting "Version 1" calling conventions
> on the 64-bit system has not yet been successful - I
> haven't yet been able to avoid a client
> segfault, whether I use a stack variable for the float8
> result, or use palloc().

From the 8.4 release notes:

"Pass float8, int8, and related datatypes by value inside the server on 64-bit platforms (Zoltan Boszormenyi)

Add configure option --disable-float8-byval to use the old behavior. As above, this change might break old-style external C functions."

So it could be a bug, send it to pgsql-general and you'll get a prompt response.

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