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Re: displays

2009/11/3 John Lindsay <jclind@sentex.net>:
> Greetings all
> Is anyone running any of the following displays
> 1)Dell S199WFPV  19" wide
> 2)LG L226WTY 22' wide
> 3)LG L19WTY-BF 19" wide
> 4)Acer X223WBO  22' wide
> I am currently running a Benq T904. Nothing wrong with it but for less the
> 1/2 what I originally paid for the Benq I can get one of the above. Also
> where can I find information as to what displays are supported under debian?
> I looked under System-preferences and admin but saw nothing that would tell
> me if the above monitors are supported.

TBH, Displays are the least of your worries theses days.

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