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Re: 2.6.31 kernels

Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> Running a customized (stripped) little from kernel.org under
> Lenny since Oct 3, on an old dual 550MHz i440BX board.  Fairly stripped
> down install running a Postfix mail firewall and Lighty.  Been running
> great, no issues.  I've probably got everything stripped out that was on
> the kernel team's "buggy" list. ;)  My vmlinuz is only 1.1MB and all my
> drivers (two--disk and NIC) are compiled in.  I actually went so far as
> to strip module support completely out of the kernel.  No initramfs, no
> this, no that.  Pretty lean and mean kernel.
> --
> Stan

sounds cute. 

In fact I'm using the code from kernel org most of the time, because of the
exact same reason. Except stripping off a lot of code you don't need you
can optimize (fine tune) specifically for the machine you are using.

But back to the topic. The 2.6.30 line was really buggy :-) at least for me.
But this ( seems to be useful.

I'm using it on a notebook Dell D520 (lenny).


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