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Help, the template debian/rules is too simple

I want to package the cross-complie tools for RTEMS(a realtime operation used in embedded system), and use dh_make to generate the template of "debian/" directory, then i find the file debian/rules is too simple, just 3 lines left after eliminating the comments, as follows:
          #! /usr/bin/make -f
                      dh   $@

This is very different from the Debian New Maintainers' GuideThis is my first time to do package, so I am confused. How can I generate the template debian/rules file containing the details as New Maintainers' Guide? I do not want the cross-complie tools such as gcc/gdb mix up with my host-complie tools. So I want to assign at least these complie options: --prefix and --target. How can I do that?



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