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Re: A laptop installation challenge

Alex Samad wrote:
On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 09:40:12AM +0000, AG wrote:
Kevin Ross wrote:

I took the back completely off this evening and although the CD
drive now spins when a CD is inserted (there's progress), it doesn't
if its an ide interface, why not plug it into another hd instead of a
cdrom !

Because the setting is not compatible with any housing/ receptor I've ever seen before.  It looks similar to an eSATA connection, but smaller.  I am assuming that it is non-standard, but to be fair haven't taken that many laptops apart to say for sure.

I'm thinking that the way forward would be via the GRUB prompt I was able to get off of an old floppy, but to do so would mean being able to by-pass LILO and boot into the first partition on the HD (/), and then go into LILO.conf and change it to accommodate the larger kernel or dispense with LILO in favour of GRUB.

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