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Re: A laptop installation challenge

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 09:40:12AM +0000, AG wrote:
> Kevin Ross wrote:

> I took the back completely off this evening and although the CD
> drive now spins when a CD is inserted (there's progress), it doesn't

if its an ide interface, why not plug it into another hd instead of a
cdrom !

> seem to boot from any CD that is inserted at power up.  I am unable
> at present to trouble shoot whether or not that is the fault of the
> drive itself.  However, I cannot locate the HD, and suspect that it
> is under a thin aluminium frame which will involve dismantling the
> entire casing.  Under the key pad I can see the IDE ribbon and
> connector so can locate the HD - I just don't see a viable way of
> accessing it.
> The laptop is a rebranded Mitac 7321 which is well described at
> http://bongolia.org/linux/mitac7321.php .

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