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ffmpeg, h.264, and mpeg2video

        I require an h.264 and mpeg2video codecs in ffmpeg, but "Lenny" does
not provide them.  I read through a number of articles giving advice on
how to compile these codecs into ffmpeg, but when I try to take their
advice, the install fails.  All of them I have come across instruct the
user to employ svn to enable the required utilities.  The problme is,
the svn download fails.  Every suggestion I have seen, including one
from late September of this year, calls for a download from
svn.mplayerhq.hu.  I can ping the site, but when the call to svn tries
to download, if fails with "svn: Can't connect to
host 'svn.mplayerhq.hu': Connection timed out".  So what can I do, now?

        Here is an example of the command I used to try to install a version of
ffmpeg with an h.264 codes and an mpeg2video codec compiled in:

# apt-get build-dep ffmpeg-debian
# apt-get source ffmpeg-debian
# cd ffmpeg-debian-0.svn20080206
# DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=internalencoders fakeroot debian/rules
# sed -i '1s/ffmpeg-debian/ffmpeg/' debian/changelog debian/control
# DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=internalencoders dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

        When I try to run  the 4th line, the process fails apparently when
trying to download ffmpeg_0.svn20080206.orig.tar.gz.

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