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Re: problems setting up power saving

Adam Hardy wrote at 2009-10-28 04:47 -0500:
> green on 26/10/09 03:29, wrote:
> thanks for taking an interest - I re-installed lenny from scratch and 
> these error messages don't appear any more. Plus the clicking has gone. 
> The brute force solution!

It still would be good to check the drive with smartmontools, unless you don't 
care about your data.

> My only problem now is with the video signal powering down after 10 mins. 
> I can't find the configuration setting anywhere and searching the 
> internet has so far only turned up people in the same situation - it's 
> not the BIOS, it's not X (it happens on the command line too), and I 
> can't see any settings in /etc that might regulate it.

Check /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (look for "OffTime" in xorg.conf(5).

Check /etc/console-tools/config file:
I suggest setting them that way and see if it makes a difference, then 
adjusting later if necessary.

In X, what is the output of:
$ xset q | grep -i dpms

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