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no higher resolution on grub2-screen

Hello out there,
I have a problem regarding grub2 or what is now called grub.
I want to change the screen-resolution of my grub-screen (first the
grub-screen, if this works also the console), but if I write a
"GRUB_GFXMODE=1400x1050" into /etc/default/grub and invoke update-grub,
the grub-screen is still 640x480.
I asked for the actual screen-mode with vbetest on the grub-console and
it is really 0x101 which means 640x480.
In my /boot/grub/grub.cfg I have the desired line "set
gfxmode=1400x1050", but it is totally ignored by grub.

Where is the problem? Can anybody help.
Ah yes, I use Squeeze and a thinkpad T60.

Thank you...


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