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Re: virtualbox and usb thumb drives

On Sat, 24 Oct 2009 21:12:47 -0400
Kevin Coyner <kevin@rustybear.com> wrote:

> On a sid system I recently installed virtualbox-ose and have it up
> and running o.k.  I installed a guest OS in the form of WinXP,
> which was also pretty straightforward.  However, when in the guest
> WinXP OS and inserting a USB thumb drive, I an unable to view the
> USB thumb drive. It does not list whatsoever under Devices/USB
> Devices or anywhere else for that matter (although it does show up
> under my sid host).
> Does the Debian version of virtualbox support USB drives?  In my
> google searches to resolve this I saw references to needing the PUEL
> version in order to access USB drives.  Is that correct? Or am I
> just missing something painfully obvious (but not to me)?
> Thanks
> Kevin

I believe that you need to get the Debian PUEL version from the
VirtualBox web site.  That's the one I use and I have no problem
whatsoever using memory cards, USB drives of any sort.


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