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Re: X lockups yet again

Frank McCormick wrote:
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I knew it was too good to last - after my trouble of lockups
with X a few weeks ago. It has started again. X was upgraded in Squeeze this morning and
not an hour later my machine was frozen tighter than a ....well...it was frozen.

I am beginning to think testing is as unstable as unstable

The last lockups were solved by going to the latest kernel..31 I think...i guess
I'll have to wait until the X developers start talking to the Kernel developers:)

Running Intel 865 video --nothing special about this machine, except the alt-sysreq

r-e-i-s-u-b keys are wearing down.

Sorry about you problems and I don't have an answer to your problem.

I have also seen more bugs on testing recently and then I can recall ever seeing before. I'm glad you mentioned it, as I wondered if it was just me.

for the past 1-2 months I have had to manually install packages after an upgrade to try to avoid the bugs. Thought my bug spray was at fault. :-)

Good luck


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