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Re: Debian on board with intel X4500 chip

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 19:43:07 +0800, Kaicheng Zhang in gmane.linux.debian.user wrote:
> Hi,
>    Did any one try install debian lenny on a mother board with X4500
> graphic chip?
>    I have a gigabyte GA-EG41M mother board with such chip. And I failed
> to install debian with Gnome.
>    I cannot start up the installation with GUI and only can proceed in text
> mode. When the install finished, I can only get into the text login too.
>    I searched for it and it seems for the wrong driver debian select. Now
> the computer is using ubuntu 9.04 which can recognize this stuff. But I
> still want it running debian.
>    Any advice?
>    Thx!

Hi Kaicheng; Don't know the answer to your query but Google has quite a few
hits surrounding this Graphic CPU see;


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