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Merge Extra free space into current linux partition

I am using Debian Lenny on x86 computer installed on my SATA hard drive - /dev/sda5. 

# cfdisk /dev/sda
    sda1        Boot        Primary   FAT16          [DOS        ]      2146.80 
    sda2                    Primary   NTFS             []              10001.95
    sda5                    Logical   Linux ext3                       15002.92
                            Pri/Log   Free Space                      132887.63

I would like to merge all the extra Free Space (132887.63) as shown above into my current Debian partition (/dev/sda5).

How can I do that without having to move all the data and reformatting/re-creating partition.

Kushal Koolwal

I do blog at http://blogs.koolwal.net/

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