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Re: 2.6.31 kernels

David Baron wrote:
There are 2.6.32-rc's around as well, but not on Debian.
Why should there not be current stable kernel version on Debian?

I always compile my own. Question is that if Debian is keeping it back, is it safe.

Version 2.6.31 is available in "experimental". You can use 'kernel-package' with Debian kernel sources from "unstable" or "experimental", or even with upstream source from tarballs or git.

My impression is that the kernel team considers 2.6.31 to have been a bit buggier than usual, but they are feeling better about 2.6.32 and plan to use it for Squeeze (when released).

I was using the kernel team's test-package server, kernel-archive .buildserver.net, but that machine bit the dust with no known ETA for restoring it to life. I have since moved on to keeping my own upstream git repository and building test kernels from there.

Dave W.

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