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Re: compiling a kernel from kernel.org


        Well, firstly, if you are going to be using the buildpackage
 target, instead of the far faster kernel_image target, you should
 either configure /etc/kernel-pkg.conf, adding your name and email, and
 have that in a keyring your gpg knows about, or pass the --us and --uc
 arguments on the command line.

        I think, unless you know what you are doing, try first with
 kernel_image target.

        Next, you seem to have Xen options turned on in your config, and
 thus make-kpkg is trying to create a xenu-linux image. This is
 undergoing some development, so if you want Xen images, please get the
 12.024 version of kernel-package from Sid.

        If you are just trying to build a normal kernel, redo your
 .config not to have Xen stuff in it.

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