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Re: custom Installer

Tanco wrote:
> Also a great idea,
> but the problem is that the base system is a slackware (i am not allowed
> to change the base distro)
> also I need to make a installer of a already running system ,
> so the idea basically is I need to somehow make an installer of the
> system in questions..
> because i.e. it needs specific software : it
> uses postgres 7.4
> apache 1.3
> etc..
> and the DB needs to have some preinstalled tables with data,
> the htdocs on the apache need to be on a specific location
> and need to have a web app running directly after install
> it will be a huge problem to make everything in the install process
> that is why I came up with the idea for using mondo backup,
> because it tars everything,..
> best regards
> Tanco

if i remember correctly good old slack uses tag files so you can preset
the software selection, for the rest it might give you better results to
ask this question on a Slackware specific mailing list, i know there are
some pretty knowledgeable slackers there who probably can get you better
advise on the distro specifics.

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