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site to which iceweasel cannot connect

>From iceweasel, I can never connect to this site:


When I try, I get a screen that says, "Iceweasel can't establish a connection
to the server at cincinnati.com."  Then it says to check my network
connection, firewalls, etc.  When I try sensible-browser
(i.e. /usr/bin/x-www-browser), it says "cincinnati.com refused the
connection".  In both cases, I have allowed pop-ups, Java, and JavaScript.
This fails on both my Etch and Lenny machines.

On the same machines, I also have virtual WinXP clients (VMware) running
Explorer.  From those, I can connect fine.  So I do have a way of getting to
the site.  But I'm curious to know why iceweasel fails.  Any ideas?


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