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starting Idesk automatically in IceWM on Lenny

The box boots automatically into IceWM in 32 seconds from a standing start.

I have Idesk configured to my satisfaction, and it runs beautifully if I start 
it manually after I have booted up and IceWM is running.  

Any attempt, however, to make Idesk also start automatically, results in Idesk 
running fine - but not X and IceWM.  The desktop looks odd (as if it hasn't 
finished loading), and although all the icons work and the applications start 
up and function correctly, when I shut down an application, X shuts down with 

I have Googled repeatedly; and tried out every permutation I could think of in 
every file that I either found recommended or could dream up.  I have looked 
in a large number of books.  I have got Idesk running fine - but never IceWm 

I think that I need to put "Idesk" into one of the configuration files.  But 


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