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cosmos and xfce - how-to?

I have recently discovered Xfce. I've been using it for about a week
and like it very much. Most of my issues with Gnome are resolved,

I miss automatic mounting of usb memory sticks when I plug them in and
the Cosmos screensaver. I think I have a satisfactory work-around for
usb sticks, but Cosmos?

There are a lot of hits when I Google Cosmos and various words like
Debian, Linux, etc. But they seem all to assume that I am running
Gnome. I don't want to run gnome, but I tried installing
gnome-screensaver anyway. Didn't help because

I couldn't figure out how to tell xfce about it, so that it was used.
I couldn't find the actual Cosmos file or a way to put that in
xscreensaver.  Gnome-screensaver brought in a bunch of packages that I
otherwise really-didn't-need.

An extra puzzle is that xscreensaver, which works fine under xfce
mentions Cosmos in its Preferences window, but when I select it in
Preference, I merely get a message that it is unavailable. Is there a
way past this? A Google search string?

Paul E Condon           

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