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Re: Could you recommend CD/DVD writer program?

On 2009-10-10_19:48:40, randall wrote:
> John Hasler wrote:
> > Mark Goldshtein writes:
> >> Looks like I am really sorry what Debian Mailing List works this way.
> > 
> > The mailing list merely sends each subscriber one copy of each message
> > it receives.  That's all.  It has nothing to do with cc's and it never
> > sends more than one copy to each subscriber.  You are sending your
> > messages to JoeHill and cc'ing the list.  Here is the relevant part of
> > the header:
> > 
> > Message-ID: <3eb61c3d0910100935j1cfa415dhbf93a8492effd986@mail.gmail.com>
> > Subject: Re: Could you recommend CD/DVD writer program?
> > From: Mark Goldshtein <mark.goldshtein@gmail.com>
> > To: JoeHill <joehill@teksavvy.com>
> > Cc: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> > 
> > Why are you doing this?
> i have the same problem,
> this list sets the "reply to" to the original sender of the message
> instead of the list itself.
> this is the only list i know that acts this way, i think i saw a thread
> on this or another debian list on this as well recently.
> i always need to remove the TO and change the CC into TO, not sure if it
> works the same on all mail clients but i use Thunderbird.
> it might be more productive to send a polite request to change this
> default behavior to the list maintainer instead of some other remarks
> made in this thread.

I use Mutt to read my mail. In Mutt, the "L" key starts the composing
of a reply-to-list email.

I think that the developers, that is the people who are very important
to getting useful answers on this list, would be very unhappy if this
request, however politely phrased, were to be implemented.

IMHO, there are some things that are more important grand ideas of
social policy and open software. One is text-only email (no html), and
more important than that is MUAs that properly handle the
reply-to-list headers. ;-)

Paul E Condon           

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