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How much RAM can debian support?

Alex Samad put forth on 10/9/2009 7:01 PM:

> God can you remember when 16M used to be a lot ...............

I can recall when 1MB was a lot.  I upgraded my Kaypro 8088 based PC
that had 640KB, with an Intel Inboard 386/PC card with 1MB.  Just having
a disk caching TSR using 384KB of himem on a system with 640KB actual
application memory gave a huge increase in performance for the DOS
applications of the day.  My most frequently used programs all fit in
the disk cache, so programs loaded instantly, unlike when previously
coming off a stepper motor 20MB NEC HD with an access time of over
100ms.  Going from an 8088 to an 80386 helped a bit as well. ;)

A $600 full length ISA card and a cable to the 8088 socket quadrupled my
system performance in about 15 minutes.  Best upgrade I ever made.


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