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Re: Sound - handmade how?

Hartwig Atrops wrote:
I want to write a program that generates sounds - sinus waves, random sound and so on. What is the format I can send to the sound card? Which device to use? The program should work on different architectures (i386, sparc ...)

I wrote an audio recorder and audio player based on the Open Sound System (OSS) API back in 2002. Compiling and testing just now, my stuff doesn't work (no /dev/dsp on Debian 5.0.3 desktop OOTB). :-(

FWIW, I used the OSS Programmer's Guide:


Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) was an upcoming, competing API at the time.

Now I see references to Pulse Audio.

So, I'm also curious as to the how to read/ write audio devices (and files) on modern Linux...



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