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Re: Installing Debian on an Alix 2d3 using PXE


I'm not sure this was a problem with the installer. The installer seemed to have set Grub up for the serial console, albeit with the wrong baud rate. However I did not get Grub 2 to run on the Alix. I even tried to install Grub with some modules preloaded (serial terminal and ext2). In the end all I got was "GRUB loading." and a couple of empty lines.

Now I switched to Grub legacy and it work :-)


Perhaps it would be useful if you could document what you do to get Grub
working, and then it might be worth suggesting that the installer should
either notice that it is being driven from a serial console and copy the
parameters into the grub config, or it should ask whether this is what it
wanted.  Either way this will need to be documented as a wishlist item
against the installer.


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