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Re: Korganizer - cannot open from notification area

On Tuesday 06 October 2009 11:38:58 AG wrote:
> Using Gnome on an up-to-date Squeeze system, I am using Korganizer for
> appointments, etc.  However, once Korganizer is minimised to the
> notification area I am unable to open it again by clicking on it.  I
> recall that I was able to up until a few days ago, and I suspect that an
> update has somehow borked it.
> (i) is this just my own experience or have others experienced this as
> well, and

I haven't experienced this myself, because I'm still using korganizer and 
korgac from Lenny.  It has come up twice in that last couple of weeks on one 
of the KDE mailing lists I am on, though, so I do not think it is just you.

I would suggest hitting bugs.kde.org.
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